We remove the organizational concerns impacting your leadership:

  • the anxiety surrounding grant making and governance;
  • the disappointment with board structure and engagement; and
  • the overwhelm with the amount of work to be done with current capacity.

We have strengthened philanthropies and nonprofits around the globe:

  • For 15 years, Nic, our founder and CEO, has produced similar results for several international, multi-billion dollar philanthropies and nonprofits.
  • Nic was Deputy General Counsel and public charity Secretary at George Soros’s Open Society Foundations.
  • Nic was the inaugural Senior Director of Operations and Foundation Counsel of Ray Dalio’s family philanthropy, Dalio Philanthropies.

We produce sustainable outcomes that allow philanthropies and nonprofits to:

  • improve board accountability for the Executive team…and avoid being included in the 39 percent of nonprofit boards who improperly evaluate their Executive teams;
  • create grant-making and governance processes and structures that support and reflect their values…and be excluded from the 69 percent that experience serious organizational infrastructure problems; and
  • build organizational capacity to accomplish competing priorities…and be counted out of the 17 percent that close down or significantly weaken their impact within 10 years of operation.

We can help you achieve similar results.

Be designed and built to become internally stronger to better deliver on your charitable mission to change the world.

We call our unique and proven methodology, Brave Infrastructure Design.™

How we work