Assistant to the CEO

Part-time, remote position

Build Up Advisory Group (you can just call us, Build Up) is hiring!

About Build Up

We are a bespoke advisory firm specializing in improving systems for social sector organizations to help them thrive. We call what we do Brave Infrastructure Design.™

We were founded in February, 2019. Our model is instead of having teams of advisors around the table to bring value to the conversation, each of our advisors has the experience and expertise of many people in one to enrich the conversation.

We design, build, and transform the infrastructure of entities to help brave philanthropists, philanthropies, and nonprofit organizations effect socio-economic change.

We design ecosystems of entities and vehicles for philanthropists who want to create social impact legacies.

We work with two types of philanthropies and nonprofit organizations. We help start-ups build their infrastructure capacity, and we help organizations turn around when they are on the brink by transforming their infrastructure capacity.

We focus primarily on grant-making approaches and policies, organizational design and compliance, and governance structures to support the programmatic outcomes of our clients.

We are not theorists or academics. We understand the theory, of course, but have done the work we advise on, and are practical and creative in our approach. Our founder and CEO has advised two of the world’s most prominent philanthropists, and has built the capacity of many nonprofit organizations all over the world. So, we do not just talk about infrastructure design; we live and breathe it.

Learn more about Build Up here.

Build Up’s core values

Our core values are to be (1) ever learning; (2) excellent; (3) brave; and (4) relational.

Our values guide and inspire everything we do and how we engage with our clients and each other. If any value does not resonate with you, Build Up is not the place for you.

About the role

This new role supports the founder and CEO on a part-time basis. It requires a two-part approach of managing the CEO and managing the business itself. In other words, this role will provide administrative and project support to the CEO and also help to create and systemize processes to streamline business operations.

Administratively, the role requires calendaring; liaising with potential and current clients and vendors; managing all shipments and deliveries; booking travel plans; meeting management; note taking for meetings; preparing and refining presentations; managing various tasks and projects delegated by the CEO; and essentially serving as the right hand of the CEO to keep her on track both professionally and personally.

For the management of the business, the role requires conducting systems research and managing systems selection; developing, refining, and documenting of processes; training the team on these systems and processes; drafting of proposals, memos, and client communications; and conducting research for various projects.

Build Up is a member of a group of companies so this role provides similar support to the other entities within the group, including Build Up, Inc., an affiliated nonprofit organization.

The responsibilities of this role can be performed remotely, but the person in this role will be expected to attend periodic in-person meetings in Connecticut.

About the person in this role

You are extremely proactive and take initiative. You are comfortable leading in situations in which you have not been, and comfortable creating paths where none exist. You know when you should ask questions and learn, and do not strive to be the smartest person in the room, but are intellectually curious enough to contribute to the conversation in that room.

You are someone that people depend on, and you are comfortable taking on a lot of responsibility, but mature enough to speak up when you have too many matters to prioritize them well. You do not enter the debate of whether the glass is half empty or half full because you are more interested in who is drinking from the glass – what motivates them, what challenges them, and learning about their story. You are creative, considerate, loyal, disciplined, hard working, and are so organized that our favorite organizers consider you their favorite organizer.

You do not consider any job too small or beneath you, if it advances our goals and helps our clients. When you hear complaints, your immediate reaction is to listen, and then work with others to find solutions. You move from task to task seamlessly, understand that good stress is a thing, and are a systems and productivity aficionado. You value accountability when you are on teams or when working independently.

You have a sense of humor, love music, and realize a few fundamental music principles: The Bridge is over, soca is a language everyone should know, and Biggie is one of the GOATs.

What the role requires

In addition to “about the person in this role,” here are the non-negotiable requirements for the person in this role. If you do not meet all of these requirements, this role is not for you.

You must:

  • be proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio);
  • have values that completely align with ours;
  • have excellent writing skills;
  • work with minimal direction and guidance;
  • maintain a very high level of confidentiality;
  • meet tight deadlines and follow up quickly;
  • manage competing priorities like a boss (well, a boss that manages competing priorities well);
  • be able to travel within the United States and internationally;
  • be client oriented; and
  • have a genuine interest in what is happening socially, politically, and philanthropically in the United States, the Caribbean, and Sub-Saharan Africa.

We are professionals who enjoy working with professionals. We value every member of our team and want to provide each team member with their dream position.

Application procedure

If you are interested in applying for this role, here is our application procedure:

  • Submit your resume and up to 3 sentences (not run-ons) about your interest in the role to with “Assistant to the CEO” in the subject line. Please include your interest statement in the email itself.
  • Each application will receive an automated response from us with status and next steps.
  • If we are interested in learning more, you will receive an email from us where you will be asked to provide video responses to some questions.
  • After reviewing the video responses, we will further narrow the applicant pool and invite a few applicants to talk with us via video or in person.
  • After interviewing the finalists, we will select the Assistant to the CEO.

Build Up is an equal opportunity place of business, which means that we do not discriminate because of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, where you are from, or disability. We believe in and live diversity, inclusion, and equity, and strive to ensure that every person we work with, including contractors, vendors, staff, and clients, feels considered and listened to. We do not allow any of the “isms” into where or how we work, and we believe love is love. We have been treated as if we did not belong at various times throughout our careers and lives, and understand how to be deliberate about never making others feel that way.

If you have any questions about the role that are not answered in this document, please email us at