Who We Are

Build Up Advisory Group® was founded in August, 2016, by A. Nicole Campbell to transform the social sector.

We are the only firm focused exclusively on social sector infrastructure design.

We are also the only firm founded by a Black woman who has been an advisor to two of the world’s most prominent philanthropists, outside counsel to foundations, NGOs, and charities, and has held positions of general counsel, in-house counsel, senior program lead, and senior operations director in philanthropies, and the position of in-house counsel in a public charity.

We do not believe in business as usual and strive to be brave enough to truly be risk takers, be creative in ways others are afraid to be, and approach philanthropy with a unique and fresh perspective.

We are uniquely situated to support innovation in technically sound and innovative ways. As a result, we are clear and deliberate in all of our engagements.

This brave, strategic, solution-oriented approach is the foundation of our Brave Infrastructure Design® advisory services.

We are a New York limited liability company with a presence in Connecticut, New York, Barbados, and Grand Cayman.

Build Up Advisory Group® is a member of the Build Up Companies, a group of companies formed by A. Nicole Campbell to bravely facilitate and support social and economic change and equity around the world.

How We Work

At Build Up Advisory Group®, we build deliberately and carefully to allow you the time and space to put your own values into your infrastructure. Our founder and C.E.O., A. Nicole Campbell, provides her insight in the video below.

Build Up Advisory Group® helps clients lead brave, strategic socio-economic change by building their infrastructure capacity.

Take a quick peek at how it works.