Increasing Access for Grassroots Organizations with Angelyn Frazer-Giles (RECAST)

Angelyn Frazer-Giles is honest and compelling in how she speaks about the work of NNJ and how they’re staying true to their mission. She talks about how to support grassroots…

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Incorporating DEI Into Infrastructure with A. Nicole Campbell  (RECAST)

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is a critical component in building a robust infrastructure, especially one that both reflects and aims to support various communities throughout the world. This week…

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Receiving and Managing Significant Grants With Organizational Integrity with A. Nicole Campbell (RECAST)

Do you think your nonprofit infrastructure allows you to seamlessly receive and manage significant grants? We spend a lot of time talking about good grant making, but not as much…

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Defining Culturally Competent Leadership with A. Nicole Campbell (RECAST)

This week on the Nonprofit Build Up is part two of a two-part series led by Build Up's CEO and managing attorney, Nic Campbell, and moderated by Shelli Warren of…

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The Integral Role of Cultural Competence in Movements with DeAnna Hoskins (RECAST)

This week on the Nonprofit Build Up®, Nic is talking with DeAnna Hoskins, President and CEO of JustLeadership USA also known as JLUSA. DeAnna Hoskins has been at the helm…

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