Managing Risk for Equitable Grant Making with Melanie Brown, DeAnna Hoskins, and Aleesha Taylor (Recast)

  In this two-part series, we will be exploring the context and common concerns on “Managing Risk for Equitable Grant Making”. This week’s episode is part one of a two-part…

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Rewriting the Narrative for Community Investment with Susan Burton (RECAST)

  In this recast of one of our very first episodes, you will hear Nic’s conversation with Susan Burton, a leader in the criminal justice reform movement, founder of A…

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Leading within Organizational Change with Nancy Murphy (RECAST)

  Nic talks with Nancy Murphy, Founder and President of CSR Communications on “Leading within Organizational Change”. Nancy has designed and implemented sustainability, community engagement, and philanthropic strategies for companies…

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The Integral Role of Cultural Competence in Movements with DeAnna Hoskins (RECAST)

  Nic talks with DeAnna Hoskins, President and CEO of JustLeadership USA (JLUSA). DeAnna Hoskins has been at the helm of JLUSA since 2018. A nationally recognized leader and dynamic…

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Authentic Partnership and Reframing Risk with Yvonne Moore (RECAST)

  Over the next two weeks on the Nonprofit Build Up®, Nic is talking with Yvonne Moore, the Managing Director of Moore Philanthropy and President of Moore Impact. Yvonne has…

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