We offer our clients a unique combination of unparalleled technical, operational, and governance expertise, international grant making and giving experience, and cross- and intra-border based leadership.

We structure funding awards and complex grant making solutions, and help our clients successfully navigate some of the world’s most difficult regulatory environments.

We offer infrastructure design advice in four areas. Some examples of our infrastructure design are provided below.


  • Design of governance structures
  • Evaluation and design of governance materials
  • Assessment of board structure and performance
  • Design of board member education programs and orientation

Organizational Design and Compliance

  • Analysis and design of entity structures
  • Assessment and design of operational and organizational infrastructures
  • Design of organizational capacity building plans
  • Assessment and design of organizational strategies and work plans
  • Analysis of operational and legal compliance

Grant Making and Management

  • Assessment and design of grant-making and grant management programs, policies, and processes
  • Assessment of scholarship and fellowship programs

Charitable Giving/Investing

  • Design of social-impact ecosystems
  • Design of donor collaboratives
  • Structuring of simple and complex gifts
  • Assessment and design of innovative funding mechanisms and vehicles

Workshops, Trainings & Conversations

In each of these advice areas, we also conduct workshops and design learning modules for staff, board members, management, and individuals interested in learning about any aspect of that advice area.

We conduct trainings for operations, grants management, and legal departments within philanthropies to help them design training plans and modules for staff, priority plans for the department, and policy and process assessments.

We facilitate private conversations about innovative, risk-taking social change among investors and philanthropists. We use these conversations to create funding pools to facilitate change around the world.

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In-House Infrastructure Design

We work with leanly-staffed nonprofit organizations and private foundations by serving as in-house Infrastructure Design Advisor, responsible for building organizational infrastructure, designing and assessing grant processes, and designing process roadmaps.

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Private Coaching

We provide private coaching and advice for counsel and other professionals responsible for structuring grants and grant making and organizational infrastructure to help them build out their teams and portfolios, and establish their role(s) within the organization.

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