We help you solve problems.

We offer grant-making coaching to help you, as a member of a program, legal, or grants management team, to incorporate innovation, risk management, and structuring into grant making, and to help you solve everyday and complex grant making questions.

You will have the opportunity to work with Nic one-on-one for six months. By the end of your coaching, you will be well-equipped to revolutionize your grants management protocols, approach, and thinking.

Details matter.

A six-month coaching program where you will be supported and coached in how to successfully:

  • Assess and design grant-making and management programs, policies (including scholarships and fellowships), and processes
  • Assess and structure grant-making vehicles
  • Identify and structure complex grants

You will:

  • Start by outlining your goals for our time together
  • Be held accountable throughout your coaching
  • Have an advisor on-hand to help you work through complex grant-making problems
  • Receive support from a knowledgeable thought partner
  • Receive guidance for evaluating and structuring international grants and grants to non-U.S. public charities

We offer three grant-making coaching packages to support your needs:

Ready to get started? Need more information? Send Nic an email or schedule a Discovery Call to discuss coaching.