The Campbell Law Firm is a law firm that leverages a global network of experienced attorneys with decades of legal training and practical experience. TCLF is a social-impact focused law firm that, similar to Build Up, works with nonprofits, philanthropies, philanthropists, ultra high net worth individuals, and movements. TCLF offers high-touch counsel to social-impact entrepreneurs around the world.

While Nic was in private practice, she formed and secured federal tax exempt status for more than 200 nonprofit organizations, ranging from grassroots organizations to larger, more established organizations. She worked closely with founders and executive teams of these organizations to build them out operationally; strengthen their boards and overall governance framework; design grant-making processes; draft formation documents and board resolutions; design corporate structures and vehicles to support their work; negotiate staffing arrangements; secure state tax exemptions; ensure compliance with federal tax requirements, including lobbying and political campaign activity; and ensure that the executive leadership was in a good position to move the organization forward after solidifying the necessary legal protections, safeguards, and general framework.

Nic’s experience in private practice and as in-house counsel in a nonprofit organization and global philanthropies provided her with a fundamental, comprehensive, and practical understanding of nonprofit and tax exempt organizations, particularly Section 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) organizations. As TCLF’s Managing Attorney, Nic brings this deep expertise and experience to every TCLF engagement.

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