You are struggling with organizing your internal team capacity to ensure it is providing sufficient leverage for your organization’s priorities

You are challenged with managing your organization’s regulatory and compliance needs while maintaining a rapid funding or programmatic response

Your board is not fully engaged, does not hold the executive leadership team accountable, and has not consistently provided thought partnership or oversight

You have difficulty raising funds because you are unable to tell a compelling story about your operational and infrastructure needs and their impact on your programmatic work

You are unsure of how to address
these issues to ensure your
organization can effectively
build and scale its impact.

Our Infrastructure Assessment identifies the strengths, challenges, and gaps within your organization’s infrastructure to ultimately inform how you can then build infrastructure to support your organization’s brave vision.

We designed the Infrastructure Assessment from our years of providing strategic, legal, and operationaladvice to nonprofit organizations, networks, associations, trusts, corporations, and movements.

The Infrastructure Assessment will inform how to build and strengthen your organizational infrastructure to support the bravest version of your organization.

Our proprietary Brave Infrastructure Design® methodology informs the Infrastructure Assessment process.

We usually conduct our Infrastructure Assessments in about eight weeks.

Discovery Call

The Infrastructure Assessment begins with a Discovery Call to determine whether your organization is a good candidate for the Infrastructure Assessment.

Initial Diligence Collection

We request organizational documents to give us a solid understanding of your organizational infrastructure. These documents vary, but always include governance, operations process, grant process, and structure-related documents.

Kick-Off Session

We outline the Infrastructure Assessment and what is involved in the process, discuss what success looks like for the engagement, and share key takeaways from our review of the initial diligence collection that may raise additional questions or prompt additional information requests.

Information Gathering

We continue to review organizational documents and speak with key internal stakeholders, including employees and board members, to determine the status of the current infrastructure.

Validation Conversation

We identify preliminary, high-level findings from our analysis and meet with you to ensure the findings resonate before finalizing the Assessment.


We analyze the information from the materials we reviewed and the information from our conversations with key internal stakeholders to prepare your Infrastructure Assessment. Your Infrastructure Assessment includes a roadmap for your organization to a sustainable, compliant, and high-performing infrastructure.

Assessment Conversation

We review your Infrastructure Assessment findings to help you understand how to move from where you are to where you want to be. This conversation will clarify what you need to eliminate, improve, and implement to ensure your organization’s infrastructure can support your brave vision.

Your Infrastructure Assessment will evaluate your organizational strength and effectiveness, inform how your organization’s operations and governance should be designed, and describe any guidance or support needed for your organization’s operations and work.

After the Infrastructure Assessment, you will have a practical guide for your organization’s

comprehensive infrastructure design

governance compliance, structure, and roles

ecosystem of vehicles and entities needed to advance your social impact vision

ability to increase efficiency in work and operations and improve its capacity

accountability, oversight, and management needed for programs and operations

staffing roles and responsibilities

ability to scale brave, social impact among the vulnerable communities it serves

“In addition to a high-level of expertise, we needed a committed thought-partner, who would help to develop the intricacies of our work and that’s exactly what we found in Build Up Advisory Group. Nic listened with care, evaluated our pain points, and advised in a manner that would support our growth and benefit our clients. We have our roadmap and are well on our way. Thanks Nic!”

We want to help you change the world. Our Infrastructure Assessment is the first step.


Keep building bravely,

A. Nicole Campbell
Founder and CEO