When Does A Nonprofit Need A Lawyer with Jamie Lieberman

This week on the Nonprofit Build Up, we are recasting a conversation Nic has with Jamie Lieberman. At the time of this original publication, Jamie was the owner and founder of Hashtag Legal: a “go-to” legal firm that allows business owners to be well informed about “When does a Nonprofit Need a Lawyer?” while feeling empowered to embrace what having a strong legal side can do for financial success.


Listen to the podcast here:


About Jamie Lieberman:

Jamie Lieberman, was the owner and founder was the owner of Hashtag Legal had been a practicing lawyer for over 16 years.

As an experienced entrepreneur, Jamie understands the unique needs of business owners at different stages in their organization’s growth.

Today, she is the Sr. Vice President and General Counsel at Mediavine.

She has a deep commitment to making legal accessible and regularly speaks about legal matters, the art of negotiation and entrepreneurial topics at leading industry events such as Alt Summit, Podcast Movement, and FinCon and as an expert source for media like Digiday, Business Insider and Forbes.

You can also catch her as the host of the (un)business podcast.