Andre Barkholz

Associate Consultant

Andre, a Certified Nonprofit Professional, is deeply passionate about capacity building in nonprofit organizations. His dedication to behind-the-scenes work empowers organizations to pursue their missions with greater effectiveness and efficiency.

As an Associate Consultant, Andre plays a vital role in the Build Up team by providing essential administrative and project support. He excels at maintaining clear communication with clients and removing any potential obstacles, ensuring that projects stay on track and are successfully executed.

When not busy streamlining projects and supporting nonprofits, Andre enjoys watching sports with his wife and beloved four-legged companion. As a devoted dog dad, he knows all the best spots for walks and games of fetch in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he proudly calls home.

In addition to his canine caretaking duties, Andre has a knack for indoor gardening. His green thumb works its magic exclusively indoors, transforming his home into a thriving urban jungle.

Andre Barkholz