Christine Kuntz

Contract Specialist

Christine Jarzab Kuntz thrives when helping nonprofits and small businesses solve the pesky legal problems that interrupt their workflow.  She began her career as Compliance Officer and in-house counsel for a 108-bed hospital with several physician-based practices and ambulatory surgical center.  There she developed invaluable, hands-on knowledge of how nonprofits operate and the understanding that to create meaningful impact and change, nonprofits must embrace and adapt traditional for-profit business practices while staying true to their charitable mission.

Later in her career, Christine moved into private practice and crafted the work-life balance that satisfies her career goals and her family’s well-being.  Since 2012, she has continued her mission to provide practical, responsive, and affordable legal counsel to nonprofits and small businesses.  She gets an intellectual high from drafting and negotiating contracts and researching the Code of Federal Regulations to find tricks that will benefit her clients.

In her spare time, Christine can be found exploring her 100-Acre Wood with her children, leading scout troops, perfecting her LEGO building skills, and discovering just how many crafts you can create with upcycled goods.  She looks forward to the distant future when she can revive her hobbies from The Time Before Children.

Christine earned a Bachelor of Science, Master of Public Health, and Juris Doctor from the University of Pittsburgh.