Erica Noelle Duncan

Fundraising and Development 

Erica Noelle Duncan has over 15 years of experience advising nonprofits on various aspects of fundraising and development.

Her experience includes:

  • helping nonprofits convert grassroots funding into programs that attract major donors and grants;
  • providing clear communication at every stakeholder level (e.g., donors, grant makers, boards of directors, volunteers; etc.); and
  • providing strategic direction so that nonprofits use resources (money, time, staff, etc.) in the most efficient.

She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Latin American Studies from Virginia Commonwealth University, a Juris Doctorate from New York University School of Law, and a Fundraising & Development Certification from UC Davis.

Erica has an extensive history of providing collaborative consulting and coaching to support nonprofits in effectively meeting their mission and vision.

Living just outside of Barcelona with her husband, daughter, and 2 cats, Erica loves traveling, hiking, and salsa dancing.

Erica Noelle Duncan headshot