Philanthropic giving from the United States to other countries around the world has increased over the past several years in response to a growing recognition that addressing societal challenges requires more effective cross-sector and cross-border collaboration. As the pandemic has shown us, we are more connected across the globe than ever before.

As international funding increases, there is a corresponding need to ensure the due diligence and legal and regulatory rigor involved in sending those funds to entities around the world is done in a way that supports and builds relationships with grantees. Funding organizations locally is critical to supporting local communities and problem solving alongside them. And effective grant making requires understanding and appreciating, from a legal perspective, the type of funder you are, the type of grantee, and the grant purpose.

This session is for those just getting started in global grantmaking all the way through to those who have been engaged in it for years, and will explore both non-complex and complex grant making concepts.

Nic Campbell, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisor’s General Counsel, will address how to ensure compliance with key regulations while making grants internationally.

This session will provide guidance on:

• When to engage in which due diligence efforts, and how much is “enough”
• Strategies for balancing legal and regulatory rigor with getting funds to where they will have the most impact
• Ensuring cultural competence when engaging in cross-border grantmaking