One of the most valuable assets grantmakers have is partnerships – their working relationships with grantees, other donors, consultants, and others working in the same space. Often, those partnerships are based on each party’s values and mutual appreciation. When you are engaging in partnerships, particularly where one party is providing services to the other, it is helpful for the parties to have their agreement to partner, responsibilities, and expectations within the partnership in writing. And if not done correctly, the negotiation and documentation process for an agreement can create tension in what had been a trust-based relationship.

This webinar, led by Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisor’s General Counsel, Nic Campbell, will provide practical strategies for contracting with consultants and other partners in a way that builds and strengthens rather than damages the partnership. With plenty of time for questions, Nic will discuss:

• Fundamentals of consulting agreements
• Often overlooked contractual “watch-out-fors”
• Negotiation of key contractual provisions