By getting money, resources, and support to organizations in need. To people and communities who have been marginalized.

We need talented people skilled at successfully managing programmatic vision, compliance requirements, and funding needs to ensure that vulnerable people are participating in and leading problem-solving conversations about themselves.

The PIVOT Program is where smart, intellectually curious, and solution-oriented grants officers and managers come together to learn from and with each other, increase their technical expertise in grant making and management, and expand their leadership.


Your Problem

The philanthropy where you work is likely not your great-grand parents’ philanthropy anymore. The world as we knew it has changed and philanthropy has become more complex. Needs of grantees have become more nuanced and they exist in every corner of the world. Agile philanthropies need to skillfully navigate complex regulations governing U.S. grant making domestically and in many countries around the world.

And you want to help guide this skillful navigation. You are also starting to have questions that have questions and cannot find a dedicated group of grants officers and managers to talk to who really get it and productively challenge your thinking. You know the technical grant-making rules but are curious about what others are doing and how they are doing it. And you want to learn how to make your philanthropy’s grant making easier, how to better partner with your program teams, and how to share what you are learning with other grants officers and managers to level up their practice.

You want to raise the influence of your grants management team. And you want to learn how to better use your critical position within your philanthropy to effectively liaise with the various teams responsible for advancing your philanthropy’s grant making, including legal, financial, and programmatic teams, while balancing the important relationship and your interactions with grantees. You want to be able to influence more of the process and the conversation because you are in a crucial position to see nearly all of the pieces.

Enter The PIVOT Program. 

Our Solution

The PIVOT Program is designed to prepare grants managers and officers to solve complex real-world grant-making issues and flex their critical leadership muscles within their philanthropies.

The PIVOT Program is an intimate community for grants officers and managers working in U.S. philanthropies.

Membership in the PIVOT Program is awarded only after a successful application and invitation.

We want you to become a PIVOT Member if you:

  • Are in a role within a U.S. philanthropy where you are responsible for managing grant awards to organizations, individuals, or both; you probably have a title similar to grants officer or grants manager
  • Have been in your grants management role for at least 3 years
  • Have an interest in expanding your technical expertise in grant making
  • Aspire to take on a leadership role within your philanthropy
  • Want to be challenged by what you are learning
  • Want more than a book club (we love book clubs, but PIVOT is no book club! You will be working on real-world and challenging issues to complement what you learn)
  • Enjoy learning with smart, intellectually curious people
  • Are coachable and open to learning new ways of thinking and practicing

What's in it for you:

Frequently Asked Questions

When will The PIVOT Program start?
PIVOT will begin in September, 2020.

What is the length of The PIVOT Program?
3 months.

I am not yet a grants officer or manager. I am in grants management, but I help the grants officers and managers execute their work. Is The PIVOT program right for me?
Not at this time. Currently, PIVOT only accepts individuals with grants management responsibilities. Usually, these individuals have titles such as Grants Officer or Grants Manager.

I work in a philanthropy, but it is not a U.S. philanthropy. Can I join PIVOT?
The technical information about grants management and grant making shared within PIVOT is focused on grant making by U.S. philanthropies, but there will be certain aspects of the program that can apply to all philanthropies. To figure out whether PIVOT is appropriate for you, please schedule a call [link to Touch Base Calendly call] to discuss your specific situation.

I am the grants manager in my philanthropy, but I also hold another title there. Is PIVOT right for me?
It may be. We will focus on the grants management portion of your role and help you increase your visibility within your philanthropy, given the critical role you play within grants management.

I do not particularly like to work with others, do not want to hear from philanthropy practitioners, and would much rather read the material instead of working on real grant-making problems and situations. Is PIVOT right for me?
No; no, it is not.


Here is what is included in The PIVOT Program membership:

  • Curated, intimate group of exceptional grants officers and managers (priceless)
  • Solving your philanthropy’s real-world examples and issues (US$9,000)
  • Learning from and with each other                (US$5,000)
  • Increasing technical expertise, deepening your professional network, and expanding your leadership and visibility (US$7,000)
  • One-on-one coaching                (US$10,000)
  • Group trainings and individual office hours                               (US$6,000)
  • Dedicated email feedback and support                (US$3,000)
  • Receiving exclusive insights from philanthropy and nonprofit leaders (US$7,000)

Total PIVOT value: Starting at US$47,000

Total PIVOT investment: US$4,000

“The PIVOT Program is something extraordinary and I want to deliver high-quality advice and value to the multi-talented individuals selected for this program. I am certain they will elevate their technical expertise, their professional network, and their leadership as a result.”

– Nicole Campbell, Founder and CEO of Build Up Advisory Group and Founder of The PIVOT Program


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