Fast Build Friday: Episode 20- The Role of Infrastructure in Storytelling

We want to tell you a story…but we will tell you only half of it. Do you still want to hear it?

By not considering #infrastructure as part of your #storytelling, you miss a critical opportunity to tell a compelling story about your organization, your work, and the communities you serve. You are telling half of the story.

Today’s Fast Build Friday topic is the role of infrastructure in storytelling. Nic discusses how not talking about infrastructure needs is diminishing the kind of outcome you want to see and the impact that is needed. She also highlights a way to tell a compelling story that considers infrastructure.

At Build Up, we believe that infrastructure is fundamental to telling a compelling story. Knowing your infrastructure needs is the first step. If you would like some guidance in assessing your infrastructure needs, we have included a link here to receive our complimentary Brave Infrastructure Design® Action Plan, which walks you through how to assess your organizational infrastructure needs.

How are you thinking about infrastructure in your storytelling? Let us know in the comments!

You can watch Episode 20 below.