Fast Build Friday: Episode 37- Reflecting on 2020 Infrastructure Trends

Are you a trendspotter? Did you know that trendspotting can help you strengthen your #nonprofit infrastructure and inform your #capacitybuilding?

Today’s Fast Build Friday topic is reflecting on 2020 infrastructure trends. Nic highlights 3 of the 11 trends that we previously said the sector should be paying attention to.

Those three highlighted trends are donor collaboratives, place-based vision, and #technology. Listen to hear what we thought of each in 2020 and where we are now.

Would you be surprised to learn that all of the trends that we thought would become more visible in 2020, actually did? And COVID likely made them show up even more. And the racial justice protests, particularly in the United States, impacted these trends too.

To read about all 11 infrastructure trends, click here.

What infrastructure trends did you predict for 2020? Let us know in the comments.

You can watch Episode 37 below.