Fast Build Friday: Episode 43- How to Build an Effective Grant-Making Process (Part I)

What if we told you the reason you should build a process, but our actions revealed a different reason…could you build it?

You would be surprised at how many times we build core processes without knowing the “Why” or with conflicting “Why’s.”

Today’s Fast Build topic is about how to build an effective grant-making process. Nic shares the first of 3 building blocks you need to build an effective grant-making process for your organization.

The first building block is that you need to understand your organization’s values. Without understanding and articulating its values, an organization will never build a grant-making process that is effective and allows the organization’s goals and strategy to show up in the way it is awarding funding to organizations and individuals.

This is not a one-time transactional conversation. Instead, it is highly revealing and iterative. And once you define and understand your values, you can then move to the second building block. This building order is critical to creating an effective and sustainable grant-making process.

How are you building your #grantmaking process? Let us know in the comments!

You can watch Episode 43 below.