Fast Build Friday: Episode 46- Pursuing a “Continuously Improving” Infrastructure

Do you think you could build a perfect organization? A perfect board? A perfect team? What if we told you that chasing perfection is a race to the bottom?

Today’s Fast Build topic is about pursuing a “continuously improving” infrastructure instead of a “perfect” infrastructure. Nic shares 2 reasons why pursuing a “continuously improving” infrastructure is the goal and why pursuing a “perfect” infrastructure is actually settling.

The first reason is that we live in a dynamic environment that is constantly evolving and changing. The second reason, and it builds on the first, is that when you build an infrastructure with the thinking that it will continuously improve, you have a very different mindset towards the work that you’re doing.

When we aim to continuously improve our infrastructure alongside our work, that is when we can become transformative.

How are you continuously improving? Let us know in the comments!

You can watch Episode 46 below.