Fast Build Friday: Episode 50- Holding Grant Makers Accountable for Equity and Inclusion (Part I)

How do you hold grant makers accountable? Who’s going to do it?

We’ll wait….

Today’s Fast Build topic is holding grant makers accountable for equity and inclusion. In it, Nic shares the first of two recommendations for holding grant makers accountable by requiring them to share what they have done or are doing about equity in their grant making. It is the first part of a two part series.

In particular, we should require every grant maker that publicly shared they were focused on equity and grant making, especially since 2020, to explain exactly what have they changed within their organization’s infrastructure to make them more equitable and inclusive.

If we, including grant makers, don’t commit to holding grant makers accountable, how do we expect true systemic change?

Comment below on your thinking about accountability in grant making!

You can watch Episode 50 below.