Fast Build Friday: Episode 3- Four Principles for Creating a Rapid Response Grant Process

In our third “Fast Build Friday” episode, Nic addressed the four guiding principles for creating a rapid response grant process.

We do not advocate creating a rapid response grant process unless we are in an emergency or crisis situation where lives are at risk. The concern is not about getting money to organizations and individuals quickly; that outcome is the best part.

The concern is that it was not being done in the first place within the standard grant process and now an entirely new process is created to supplement a slow-moving process. Still, creating a rapid response grant process can make sense.

The key is to design it well. Nic has learned these four principles from years of designing grant processes to move funding quickly throughout different parts of the globe (and 6 continents) and she shares her expertise in this episode.

You can view Episode 3 below.