Fast Build Friday: Episode 14- Defining Brave Infrastructure Design®

What is Brave Infrastructure Design®? And why do we use it in every design, build, and rebuild?

This week’s Fast Build Friday episode is defining Brave Infrastructure Design®.

At Build Up, we believe Brave Infrastructure Design® starts with envisioning what your organization can be – that bravest vision of what it has to be to serve the communities that need it most – and then envisioning what the infrastructure has to be to support that brave vision.

And then Brave Infrastructure Design® goes a step further in order to transform grant making into investments and funding relationships into partnerships.

We think we lose something critical if we build our #nonprofits and #philanthropies without it.

We also created a Brave Infrastructure Design® Action Plan to help you assess and design a stronger infrastructure to strengthen your impact and funding potential. You can receive your complimentary Action Plan by going to the Home Page and click “Send me my Free Action Plan!”

How will you use Brave Infrastructure Design® in your organization? Let us know in the comments!

You can watch Episode 14 below: