Fast Build Friday: Episode 35- How to Have a Successful Strategic Planning Process

Where does your strategic plan live? In a shared folder, on a shelf, or in a drawer? Or does your plan live in the approach, training, and practices within your organization? And how do you know?

Today’s Fast Build Friday topic is how to have a successful strategic planning process. Nic shares two key elements to ensure success in implementation: people and systems.

If an organization does not consider people and systems as part of the strategic planning process, it is jeopardizing its organization’s strategic goals. A strong planning process focuses on how things will get done and who will do them and ensures that people have the resources and support they need to perform their responsibilities within the organization.

Does your strategic plan have these elements? What was the best part of your strategic planning process? Let us know in the comments!

You can watch Episode 35 below.

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Fast Build Friday: Episode 34- Understanding Strategic Nonprofit Alliances

How do you determine whether you should collaborate with another #nonprofit? Do you have clear criteria for entering into collaborations with other nonprofits or do you base your decision on fear or trust?

Today’s Fast Build Friday is about strategic nonprofit alliances. Nic highlights 3 key principles to consider when entering into a strategic nonprofit alliance.

If you are entering into collaborations simply to secure funding, or do not understand the structure of your collaborations and partnerships, or you are considering an alliance only because your organization is at its weakest, you are impacting your chance to improve your infrastructure and build sustainability.

When you step into strategic nonprofit alliances with immense clarity, you can strengthen your infrastructure, build your capacity, and expand the impact you’d like to have with vulnerable and marginalized communities.

What do your strategic nonprofit alliances look like? Let us know in the comments!

You can watch Episode 34 below.

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Fast Build Friday: Episode 31- Strong Succession Planning Part II

If we asked you to show us your succession plan, would you have to blow months or years of dust off it before you showed it to us? And would it contemplate the development of people within your organization not yet ready to step into key leadership roles?

Today’s Fast Build Friday topic is a continuation of last week’s topic about succession planning. Nic shares the remaining 2 of 4 key elements that succession planning and succession plans need – internal people pipeline and “living” plans.

When we focus on developing an internal pipeline of people and seeing our succession plans as “living” documents, we advance our organizations’ ability to both evolve and sustain.

You don’t just plan one time; you should be planning.

What are you going to do differently or maintain when it comes to your succession planning?

Let us know in the comments!

You can watch Episode 31 below.

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Fast Build Friday: Episode 30- Two Key Elements for Strong Succession Planning Part I

What would happen if your CEO/Executive Director (ED) finished their lunch and left for the day…and decided not to return….Ever? And what if your only staff accountant or grant associate did the same, but your ED stayed? Which scenario would be more challenging for your organization’s operations?

If you do not have a group of people or someone within your organization thinking about your organization’s ability to thrive despite significant internal disruptions, you are missing out on opportunities to engage in comprehensive succession planning and ultimately strengthen your #infrastructure.

Today’s Fast Build Friday is about succession planning. Nic shares the first 2 of 4 key elements that succession plans miss, but should incorporate to allow organizations to show up consistently even when a key employee or leader leaves.

These 2 elements – being more than CEO/ED focused and addressing systems – can considerably strengthen your infrastructure and can help you plan for even more consistent impact.

Do you have a succession plan?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

You can watch Episode 30 below.

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Fast Build Friday: Episode 29- Using Infrastructure to Protect Your Intellectual Property

Do you ever think about how creating and protecting your organization’s #intellectualproperty can help support its sustainability?

Today’s Fast Build Friday is about using infrastructure to protect your intellectual property. Nic shares three examples to illustrate the clear link between strong infrastructure and protecting your IP to support asset creation.

When we have conversations with #nonprofit leaders and teams about organizational infrastructure, we always raise questions about their organizations’ ability to create and protect their intellectual property. If you have no intellectual property or have an inadequate way to protect it, you are impairing your value and asset creation and limiting your sustainability.

How are you protecting your intellectual property? Is your infrastructure hurting or helping? Let us know in the comments!

You can watch Episode 29 below.

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