Fast Build Friday: Episode 41- Transitioning from Concept to Public Charity (Part I)

Would it surprise you to know that we never just say, “Let’s do it!” when someone comes to us to form a #charity? Or that we ask programmatic and strategy questions in addition to the “legal questions” you might expect? It is not simply a “transaction” to us.

Today’s Fast Build topic is about transitioning from concept to public charity. Nic shares the first of two key considerations for transitioning to public charity status.

The first consideration, which is critical, is to determine if you should, in fact, be a charitable entity. If you skip this step and go straight to assuming you should be a #publiccharity simply because you want to have social impact, you will lose out on a lot of the vision and mission setting that is critical for building infrastructure and will likely be in an inappropriate entity, both of which will ultimately have an impact within the communities you serve.

Taking the time and having the patience to put all of this together in a meaningful way, including the type of entity you will use to do your work, is how you start building out a strong infrastructure and framework for your organization.

You can watch Episode 41 below.