Fast Build Friday: Episode 24- The Connection Between Infrastructure and Saying No

Would you ever say, “No,” to a grant? Nic has spent years working with #nonprofits around the world and she knows that the ability to say, “No,” is often an indicator of just how strong your infrastructure is. And she also knows that by saying, “No,” to certain funding, you are opening doors to diverse, revenue sources.

Today’s Fast Build Friday topic is the connection between infrastructure and the ability to say, “No,” to a grant. Nic shares the first of 3 indicators of infrastructure strength that are connected to an organization’s ability to say, “No,” to funding – revenue diversification. It is the first part of a three-part series.

Being terrified of even the thought of saying, “No,” to a sizable grant is often an indicator of a weakened infrastructure, namely insufficient revenue diversification. Revenue diversification feeds your sustainability. And your sustainability impacts the way you serve vulnerable communities.

Diversifying your revenue often strengthens both your ability to say, “No,” and your infrastructure.

Do you have the ability to say, “No”? How is that ability tied to your revenue diversification? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

You can watch Episode 24 below.