Fast Build Friday: Episode 23- Critical Components of a Highly Effective Grant Agreement

Can you tell us the most important component of a grant agreement? Chances are, you probably have to think a bit more about it because you probably do not think about your grant agreement that often to begin with. Right?

What if we told you that your grant agreement can often hold many of the keys to your infrastructure? What would you do differently?

Today’s Fast Build Friday topic is about the critical components of a highly effective grant agreement. Nic shares the 4 critical components of these agreements. As in-house counsel and in her current practice, Nic has drafted and negotiated thousands of grant agreements for awards in countries and regions around the world and she knows highly effective grant agreements can be one of the fundamental pieces of your infrastructure.

If you only see a grant agreement as a technical tool, you are missing an opportunity to communicate with partners and better serve communities in need.

What will you do differently with your grant agreements going forward? Let us know in the comments!

You can watch Episode 23 below.