Fast Build Friday: Episode 22- Infrastructure Considerations for Nonprofit Startups Part II

As a nonprofit or social-impact #startup, how much can you do with limited capacity? With no capacity? Do you want to find out or do you want to learn how to build your capacity almost immediately?

We can tell you that without capacity, your compelling programmatic vision and strategy do not matter. As a startup, it is therefore critical that you build capacity to support your vision and strategy.

Today’s Fast Build Friday topic is again about the fundamental infrastructure considerations for nonprofit or social-impact start-ups. In it, Nic shares the second of her two fundamental considerations – capacity – and discusses three ways to build capacity almost immediately. It is part two to last week’s Fast Build Friday Episode 21.

How are you thinking about #capacitybuilding in startups? Let us know in the comments!

You can watch Episode 22 below.