Fast Build Friday: Episode 32- The Connection Between a Unique Value Proposition and Infrastructure

Have you ever referred to another #nonprofit organization doing similar work as a “competitor”? Do you think that because an organization is doing work in the same space as you, you are automatically competing for funding?

Today’s Fast Build Friday is about the connection between a unique value proposition and infrastructure. In it, Nic highlights how you can identify your unique value proposition and also explain the clear link between a unique value proposition and infrastructure.

When you do not know your unique value proposition, you tend to see nearly anyone doing similar work as competitors. It also has serious implications for your programmatic strategy and infrastructure. When you understand and share your unique value proposition, however, it strengthens both your work and your infrastructure, which ultimately makes your organization more resilient and sustainable.

Do you spend time thinking about how you uniquely problem solve alongside the communities you serve? What is your unique value proposition? Let us know in the comments!

You can watch Episode 32 below.