Fast Build Friday: Episode 44- How to Build an Effective Grant-Making Process (Part II)

If we separately asked you and a colleague who works closely with you to define risk, would you share the same definition? What if we asked everyone in your organization? Would everyone’s response be the same or would it change based on grantee type, leadership, or location? Is it okay if it does?

Today’s Fast Build topic is about how to build an effective grant-making process. Nic shares the second of 3 building blocks you need to build an effective grant-making process for your organization.

The second building block, based on designing and structuring grant-making processes for many years in different regions of the world, is understanding and defining risk. Unless you get clear on how your definition of risk aligns with your organization’s values, you cannot build an effective grant-making process.

A grant-making process can be effective when the organization pays attention to how it defines risk and struggles well with getting that definition right. Are you struggling well? Let us your thoughts in the comments.

You can watch Episode 44 below.