Fast Build Friday: Episode 45- How to Build an Effective Grant-Making Process (Part III)

Recently, we have seen organizations requesting help with incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusion principles into their grant making. We know the issue as soon as we see the request and we know those requests are missing 2 important building blocks.

Today’s Fast Build topic is about how to build an effective grant-making process. Nic shares the third and final building block you need to build an effective grant-making process for your organization.

The third building block is that you must ensure that the core and overall design of the process are equitable and inclusive. This third building block comes after consideration of the first two building blocks, which are understanding your organization’s values and understanding and defining risk.

At each building block phase, you address equity and inclusion in your approach, analysis, discussion, and struggle, and then finally ensure that the entire process has been assembled in this way. After years of building grant-making processes and infrastructure, we do not believe there is any other way to build an effective grant-making process.

How are you thinking about equity and inclusion in your grant-making process? About your values? And about risk?

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You can watch Episode 45 below.