This week on the Nonprofit Build Up®, Nic is talking with Asta Petkeviciute and Thaddeus Squire of Social Impact Commons. Social Impact Commons is a nonprofit organization created to meet the evolving needs of the fiscal sponsorship community. SIC is building the first national network and community of practice, advancing management commons as a model of equitable and inclusive resource sharing for the nonprofit sector aka a next-generation approach to fiscal sponsorship.


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About Asta and Thaddeus:

Asta has over 20 years of experience with a focus on strategic financial management, diverse use of technology, and organizational capacity development for non-profit organizations globally.

Her background includes managing a $200 million portfolio of health systems strengthening activities across 20 countries globally; leading one of the largest fiscal sponsorship programs in the U.S., which supported over 90 different organizations nationally; and providing strategic management consulting to small and medium organizations nationally and internationally as part of Fiscal Management Associates (FMA).

Asta has a Masters of Business Administration degree from Heller School, Brandeis University and a Bachelor of Science degree in International Business from Champlain College.

Asta’s expertise is focused towards leading teams through strategic financial and organization management challenges with the key focus on operational efficiency and effectiveness while strengthening organizational sustainability, diversifying business models, use of data for decision making, and meeting complex donor compliance expectations.


Thaddeus has more than 20 years of experience in the nonprofit management field, focusing on arts and cultural heritage.

Following government relations work for the Philadelphia Museum of Art, he went on to found Peregrine Arts, a multi-arts producer, and Hidden City Philadelphia, among other curatorial projects. His significant work in nonprofit resource sharing began in 2010 as founder of CultureWorks Greater Philadelphia, the first comprehensive fiscal sponsor focusing on arts and heritage, which manages more than 120 independent organizations.

Thaddeus’s creative practice is focused on systems design for nonprofit resource sharing, in particular practices based in commoning and commons management principles. His work is grounded in the fields of American Pragmatism, Common Pool Resource Economics, Cooperative Management, New Localism and the Applied Behavioral Sciences.

Additionally, he has deep expertise in the history of philanthropy and the nonprofit sector, nonprofit management, fine and performing arts, heritage preservation, and museum sciences. Thaddeus holds degrees from Princeton University, the University of Leipzig (J. William Fulbright Fellowship), and the Mendelssohn Conservatory of Music & Theatre.