Transitioning from Concept to Public Charity with A. Nicole Campbell  (Part I & II)

Over the next two weeks on the Nonprofit Build Up, we are discussing transitioning from concept to public charity. These episodes were recorded as an episode from our Fast Build Friday series, a web-series where we quickly build what you know about infrastructure design in the nonprofit sector.

In these episodes, you will hear  two key considerations for transitioning to public charity status. The first consideration, which is critical, is to determine if you should, in fact, be a charitable entity. If you skip this step and go straight to assuming you should be a public charity simply because you want to have social impact, you will lose out on a lot of the vision and mission setting that is critical for building infrastructure and will likely be in an inappropriate entity, both of which will ultimately have an impact within the communities you serve.

The second key consideration is to take the time to plan your strategy. This planning includes articulating your vision, mission, priorities, proposed activities, and other goals that you have for your organization. Trust us, the time that you take to think critically about your organization will pay off in multiples.

Listen to the podcast here:

Part One

Part Two