Making Grants  with A. Nicole Campbell 

Over the next two weeks on the Nonprofit Build Up, we are discussing grant making. This week we are focusing on making grants to organizations that are not US public charities. These episodes were recorded as an episode from our Fast Build Friday series, a web-series where we quickly build what you know about infrastructure design in the nonprofit sector.

In Episode 32, you will hear 3 key recommendations that will help funders and these organizations sustain a movement, ideas, and change. We receiva lot of questions about how to structure funding awards to groups and organizations that are not U.S. public charities. Funders want to support change, but have not made these types of grants before or have made them, but getting the funding out was a slow, complicated process. We are in a moment where neither reality works.  

In Episode 33, Nic shares two  key considerations for building sustainable individual grant programs all over the world. If you are not making grants to individuals because you do not know how or are afraid of what it might entail, you are missing a key component of your strategy. Making grants to individuals is a critical part of how we change outcomes for vulnerable and marginalized communities. 

Listen to the podcasts here:

Episode 32- Making Grants to Organizations That Are Not U.S. Public Charities

Episode 33- Making Grants to Individuals