The Importance of Infrastructure in Innovation with A. Nicole Campbell 

Over the next two weeks on the Nonprofit Build Up, we are discussing the importance of infrastructure in innovation. These episodes were recorded as an episode from our Fast Build Friday series, a web-series where we quickly build what you know about infrastructure design in the nonprofit sector.

Part One was inspired by Nic’s conversation with a nonprofit CEO where they talked a lot about how nonprofits and philanthropies often focus on innovation as an outcome or a specific point in time. In this episode, Nic encourages us to dissect this topic; this episode explains the first of two building blocks about infrastructure and innovation. This first building block is meant to raise questions for you about how you think about and pursue innovation.

In Part Two, Nic shares the second building block about infrastructure and innovation – true innovation requires accountability. Having built organizational infrastructure for years now, Nic sees accountability as the element that heavily contributes to sustained innovation. And sustained innovation transforms worlds and lives.

Listen to the podcasts here:

Part One:

Part Two: