Fast Build Friday

Fast Build Friday: Episode 13- How to Successfully Form a Corporate Partnership

Many for-profit companies are getting involved in supporting change.

Do you know which you should be working with, how to strengthen your partnership, and how to remain compliant with nonprofit laws while partnering with a for-profit company?

Having structured many of these partnerships, I know that regardless of the amount of leverage or resources you bring to a partnership, you should control key aspects of the partnership.

Today’s Fast Build Friday topic is how to successfully form a corporate partnership. In it, Nic shares two considerations to help guide how you engage with corporate partners.

Strong partnerships can have strong impact and change the narrative and course for so many communities. So, let’s make sure they are built well.

What do you think about corporate partnerships?

You can watch Episode 13 below:

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Fast Build Friday: Episode 12- Receive and Manage Significant Grants with Organizational Integrity

Do you think your nonprofit infrastructure allows you to seamlessly receive and manage significant grants?

This week’s Fast Build Friday topic is how to receive and manage significant grants with organizational integrity.

We spend a lot of time talking about good grant making, but not as much time talking about good grant “receiving.”

Having built infrastructure for nonprofits all over the world to receive and manage significant grants, Nic shares her 3 recommendations to design an infrastructure that allows an organization’s values to confidently guide how that organization accepts funding.

How are you managing and receiving grants?

You can watch Episode 12 below:

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Fast Build Friday: Episode 11- Making Grants to Individuals

If you are not making grants to individuals because you do not know how or are afraid of what it might entail, you are missing a key component of your strategy.

Making grants to individuals is a critical part of how we change outcomes for vulnerable and marginalized communities.

Today’s Fast Build Friday episode is about making grants to individuals. Nic shares two  key considerations for building sustainable individual grant programs all over the world.

Are you making grants to individuals? What considerations do you suggest we keep in mind? Let us know in the comments!

You can watch Episode 11 below:

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Fast Build Friday: Episode 10- Making Grants to Organizations That Are Not U.S. Public Charities

We have been receiving a lot of questions about how to structure funding awards to groups and organizations that are not formal charities. Funders want to support change, but have not made these types of grants before or have made them, but getting the funding out was a slow, complicated process.

We are in a moment when neither reality works.

Today’s Fast Build Friday episode is about making grants to organizations that are not U.S. public charities.

Nic offers 3 key recommendations that will help funders and these organizations sustain a movement, ideas, and change.

We will also provide a link to a previous FBF episode about effectively working with intermediary organizations, which may be another way to fund these organizations, here.

What are you seeing that we should know about? Let us know in the comments!

You can watch Episode 10 below.


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Fast Build Friday: Episode 9 – The Role of Systemic Racism in Infrastructure

How are you feeling?

Like so many of you, I oscillate between a state of speechlessness and being compelled to say something about this dark place and time in which we sit.

And because Black lives matter too, I am choosing to say something.

This Fast Build Friday Episode 9 is about the role of systemic racism in infrastructure. You will receive another Fast Build Episode this week, but we had to share this one now.

The sector is not immune to systemic racism. In fact, we build and structure on top of it.

So, I suggest four practical ways the sector can start to dismantle this system and build infrastructure to better respond to the needs of marginalized communities around the globe.

And we need to start immediately.

Can you hit *reply* and let me know how you are feeling?

Follow the link to watch this episode.

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