Fast Build Friday

Fast Build Friday: Episode 8- How to Effectively Work with Intermediaries

Our clients that are intermediaries are playing brave and crucial roles in so many countries around the world. They provide critical funding and support to grassroots organizations, leaders, and communities in need. We are amazed by the work they do to ensure that marginalized voices are heard.

Today’s Fast Build Friday topic is how to effectively work with intermediaries. In it, Nic shares two key criteria that she has seen show up in every intermediary relationship when things go right and when they do not….

How have you worked with intermediaries? Hit *reply* and let us know.

Follow the link to watch Episode 8.

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Fast Build Friday: Episode 7- Setting Up Your Infrastructure to Make Grants Internationally

Have you thought about how to start making grants internationally? And how to do it well?

Today’s Fast Build Friday topic is getting your infrastructure set up to make grants internationally.

Nic draws on her experience in international grant making to share a fundamental building block you need to get started….

A funding ecosystem. Few are deliberately designed, but all should be.

After all, our goal is to move funding seamlessly to communities around the globe who need it most. And you cannot move funding like that without Brave Infrastructure Design.®

What does your funding ecosystem look like?

Follow the link to watch Episode 7.

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Fast Build Friday: Episode 6 – Incorporating DEI Into Infrastructure

Nic recently had a fascinating conversation with a nonprofit President & CEO about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

They talked, in part, about indicators showing when nonprofits and philanthropies are serious and intentional about DEI. And it got us to thinking….

Those lingering thoughts inspired today’s Fast Build Friday — why building an infrastructure that meaningfully incorporates DEI is so critical to the communities we serve. Follow the link to watch Episode 6. 

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Fast Build Friday: Episode 5 – Defining “Infrastructure”

Episode 5 of Fast Build Friday is about defining the word “infrastructure”.

So many definitions are floating around so Nic is here to level set. And once we have defined infrastructure, we need to build it stronger…faster because communities are counting on us.

You can watch Episode 5 here:

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Fast Build Friday: Episode 4 – Importance of infrastructure in fundraising

Do you want to know what strengthens fundraising and development efforts?

Knowing your organization’s infrastructure.

Why should you think about building infrastructure when you are fundraising or engaged in development?

We have seen organizations with a firm grasp on their organizational infrastructure needs fare considerably better than organizations that are unaware. In this Fast Build Friday episode, Nic gives you 3 reasons as to why you need to pay critical attention to your infrastructure if you want to secure funding, based on her time as counsel with a fundraising nonprofit and global funders and her work as an advisor to nonprofit organizations globally. You can watch Episode 4 here:

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