Fast Build Friday

Fast Build Friday: Episode 18- The Importance of Infrastructure in Innovation

Nic had a conversation with a nonprofit CEO and they talked a lot about how #nonprofits and philanthropies often focus on #innovation as an outcome or a specific point in time.

Their conversation really made us reflect. In the nonprofit sector, we often hear the word, innovation, but we do not talk as much about how an organization “becomes innovative.” And we struggle with determining how to fund innovation or defining innovation in the first place.

Today’s Fast Build Friday topic is the importance of infrastructure in innovation. Nic wants us to dissect this topic; this episode explains the first of two building blocks about infrastructure and innovation she will share.

This first building block is meant to raise questions for you about how you think about and pursue innovation.

How do you create space for experimentation within your organization? And where do #failure and learning come into play within your #infrastructure? Let us know in the comments!

You can watch Episode 18 below.

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Fast Build Friday: Episode 17- How to Build an Effective Governance Structure

Would you be surprised if we told you that I know the key reason why most #nonprofits and #philanthropies are struggling to achieve or scale impact?

Would you be even more surprised if we told you it was because of an ineffective #governance structure?

Today’s Fast Build Friday topic is how to build an effective governance structure. Nic shares the two key elements that make a significant difference in a governance structure working well and being considered an organizational strength.

Nic draws on her experience, having built governance structures globally, to share how you can build better governance and have more engaged board members.

Improving your organization’s governance will help improve the way your organization shows up for and provides resources to the vulnerable and marginalized communities it serves.

How are you building better governance? Please let us know in the comments!

You can watch Episode 17 below.

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Fast Build Friday: Episode 16- The Role of Technology in Infrastructure

How is technology impacting your infrastructure? What have you done differently or should you be doing differently when it comes to leveraging technology to strengthen your infrastructure?

Are you certain that the way your organization views and uses technology is not weakening your infrastructure?

Today’s Fast Build Friday episode is about the role of technology in infrastructure. Nic shares her four key observations about technology that inform nonprofit needs, practice, and, ultimately, culture and policy.

Technology is about more than having the latest app. It is a critical way to share information and resources with vulnerable communities that need them most. We cannot close the digital divide (or the wealth gap or the equity gap) without leveraging technology to strengthen our infrastructure.

How are you thinking about technology and infrastructure? Let us know in the comments!

You can watch Episode 16 below.

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Fast Build Friday: Episode 15- Management of People as a Key Component of Infrastructure

Based on her work and conversations with leaders throughout the sector, Nic is noticing a focus on how #nonprofits and #philanthropies are considering their people, and how they’re supporting and managing them through all levels and parts of the organization.

Today’s Fast Build Friday topic is management of people as a key component of infrastructure. Nic shares the top three needs we are seeing in people management and the core question we encourage organizations to wrestle with when it comes to managing people.

What are you doing to and for your people? And what are your top management needs? Let us know in the comments!

You can watch Episode 15 below.

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Fast Build Friday: Episode 14- Defining Brave Infrastructure Design®

What is Brave Infrastructure Design®? And why do we use it in every design, build, and rebuild?

This week’s Fast Build Friday episode is defining Brave Infrastructure Design®.

At Build Up, we believe Brave Infrastructure Design® starts with envisioning what your organization can be – that bravest vision of what it has to be to serve the communities that need it most – and then envisioning what the infrastructure has to be to support that brave vision.

And then Brave Infrastructure Design® goes a step further in order to transform grant making into investments and funding relationships into partnerships.

We think we lose something critical if we build our #nonprofits and #philanthropies without it.

We also created a Brave Infrastructure Design® Action Plan to help you assess and design a stronger infrastructure to strengthen your impact and funding potential. You can receive your complimentary Action Plan by going to the Home Page and click “Send me my Free Action Plan!”

How will you use Brave Infrastructure Design® in your organization? Let us know in the comments!

You can watch Episode 14 below:

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