Cross-Border Grantmaking: Due Diligence and Legal Considerations for Global Grantmaking

Philanthropic giving from the United States to other countries around the world has increased over the past several years in response to a growing recognition that addressing societal challenges requires more effective cross-sector and cross-border collaboration. As the pandemic has shown us, we are more connected across the globe than ever before.

As international funding increases, there is a corresponding need to ensure the due diligence and legal and regulatory rigor involved in sending those funds to entities around the world is done in a way that supports and builds relationships with grantees. Funding organizations locally is critical to supporting local communities and problem solving alongside them. And effective grant making requires understanding and appreciating, from a legal perspective, the type of funder you are, the type of grantee, and the grant purpose.

This session is for those just getting started in global grantmaking all the way through to those who have been engaged in it for years, and will explore both non-complex and complex grant making concepts.

Nic Campbell, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisor’s General Counsel, will address how to ensure compliance with key regulations while making grants internationally.

This session will provide guidance on:

• When to engage in which due diligence efforts, and how much is “enough”
• Strategies for balancing legal and regulatory rigor with getting funds to where they will have the most impact
• Ensuring cultural competence when engaging in cross-border grantmaking

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Navigating Grants Supporting Advocacy to C(3) and C(4) Organizations

The rules surrounding whether a foundation or public charity can engage in or support organizations or projects that engage in lobbying, determining when advocacy is considered lobbying, and when and how much advocacy is permissible for nonprofits under U.S. tax laws, can be complex. These types of questions may become even more complex when navigating these rules in grants to organizations that are not charities. Innovative funders approach this type of grantmaking with an asset mindset instead of a deficit mindset, which often creates deeper impact.

Nic Campbell, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisor’s General Counsel, will address how to support advocacy through grantmaking to charities and social welfare organizations.

This session will provide guidance on how to:

• Support and structure grants to projects and programs containing advocacy
• Form successful partnerships within organizations engaged in advocacy
• Engage in grant making to (for-profit and nonprofit) organizations engaged in advocacy

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RPA Webinar: Values-Based Contracting for Grantmakers: Ensuring Alignment, Preserving the Partnership, and Protecting Ownership

One of the most valuable assets grantmakers have is partnerships – their working relationships with grantees, other donors, consultants, and others working in the same space. Often, those partnerships are based on each party’s values and mutual appreciation. When you are engaging in partnerships, particularly where one party is providing services to the other, it is helpful for the parties to have their agreement to partner, responsibilities, and expectations within the partnership in writing. And if not done correctly, the negotiation and documentation process for an agreement can create tension in what had been a trust-based relationship.

This webinar, led by Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisor’s General Counsel, Nic Campbell, will provide practical strategies for contracting with consultants and other partners in a way that builds and strengthens rather than damages the partnership. With plenty of time for questions, Nic will discuss:

• Fundamentals of consulting agreements
• Often overlooked contractual “watch-out-fors”
• Negotiation of key contractual provisions

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Reveal Your Leadership and Expertise

On Wednesday, June 24, 2020 @ 12pm EDT, Nic will lead a webinar on How to Reveal Your Leadership and Expertise with The PIVOT Program.

In this webinar, we will discuss how The PIVOT Program can help you excel in your grants management role, work through sticky grant-making questions that are coming up within your work, and significantly raise your leadership visibility within your organization with different departments and senior management teams.

Read more about The PIVOT Program at https://www.buildupadvisory.com/PIVOT.

You can register here or by clicking on the “Book Online” button above.

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Surviving COVID-19 and Beyond: Practical Recommendations for Nonprofits

This Friday, March 27, 2020 @ 12p EDT, Nic will lead a webinar on Surviving COVID-19 and Beyond: Practical Recommendations for Nonprofits.

The COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting life as we know it. It has changed the way we work and even where we work. As a result of this crisis, nonprofits are being asked to increase their services and resources to some of the most vulnerable and marginalized communities around the world while experiencing some of the greatest financial impact of this global crisis.

In this webinar, we will discuss practical ways for nonprofits to address the difficult questions that have surfaced as a result of the crisis about their viability and provide concrete ways to move forward in this crisis and sustainably prepare for life after the crisis.

You can register here or by clicking on the “Book Online” button above.

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